08 November 2015

Studying Abroad in London Week Nine! ROME Edition

This week was another busy one, this one involving a trip to Rome, Italy. The week started off though with my friend Jazzy and I going to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the West End.

The show was really great. The sets that they used were amazing though, I have never in my life seen sets like that. 

Then for my Communications class, we went on a field trip to the BBC. 

Then I randomly bought a ticket to go see the London Philharmonic play classical film scores at the Royal Albert Hall. I originally bought a ticket for the very highest balcony pretty much in the back, but when I got there the lady ripping the tickets asked me if I wanted to move seats to the very bottom arena and I was right there in the front basically.
It was a beautiful show and I was so impressed. Great music and atmosphere, I had a really great time.

After that I went on my way to Rome. Jennifer and I flew to Rome and once we got to the airport there we weren't sure how to get to our Air B&B so we ended up having to take a taxi. It ended up being pretty expensive, but there was no way we could've navigated after a long day of traveling. 
This what our Air B&B looked like. 

What our dinner looked like that night haha.

Then the next day we had a tour of the Coliseum 

Then we had lunch right outside the Coliseum and ate some of the best pasta that I've ever had. 

We then made our way to the Trevi fountain. 

The rest of the day we just walked around and explored a little. That night we went searching for a place to eat dinner and got a little lost (of course) and found a completely different place than we were expecting that served pizza. The thing about staying in an Air B&B is that they are all most likely located in residential areas meaning that many people do not speak english. This was only a minor problem for us, but it was confusing when trying to read the menu in italian hence why we got eggplant (eww) on our pizzas. 
Still really good and it included a drink, appetizer, and dessert for only 10 euros. 

The next day, we booked a tour to see the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican city. Unfortunately for us, we had to print out the tickets so we had to run around town looking for an internet cafe. We found one though luckily!

We also had more pasta too. 

On our last day, we didn't have too much planned. We wanted to go to a vintage flea market and just have an easy walking around the city day. 

We went back to the restaurant where we got the 10 euro pizza and got a four course meal for the same price!! It was amazing. 

One more food picture, because I know you want to see it. 

I really really loved Rome. It was such a beautiful city with amazing food and I can't wait to go back.