19 September 2015

First Week Studying in London!

This post is finally here! I know, I know, it has taken me forever to make it, but actually getting in the swing of the things here has taken a little while for me. 
Anyway, without further ado here is my first week in London!

After the Pre-Europe trip, we had to take the Eurostar from Brussels to London. Here is a picture of me and my friend Kayla on the train. 

Once we got to London at about 8pm we all said good bye to the people who are living in the apartments and we (the people who are staying in home stays) got into our separate taxis that took us to our individual houses.
Once I had arrived to my home stay, I was very warmly welcomed and made dinner. After that my roommate Jennifer arrived, who I actually knew from back home, and we both got to know our home stay family a little before both of us went to sleep.
The next day, we took the bus for the first time to get to school for orientation. 

Luckily, we found it on time and didn't get lost. We went over the basics and met everyone else who is in the program as well.
The rest of the day involved doing some shopping for things that we needed and just getting settled into our home stay. 

The next day we had a guided tour of London. After that regular classes began, I am taking Film Appreciation, British Life and Culture, Mass Media and Society, and an online course covering History of the United States. The rest of the week involved trying to get used to the tube system, taking classes, and spontaneous trips exploring the city. 

Thursday we had a Welcome Party on a boat cruise along the Thames.

Also, since I got the cultural package program, that involves day trips and things that will take me around not only around London, but other parts of England too. Starting with Afternoon Tea at the British Museum that we had the next day.

This was such a fun week and I can't wait to explore more of this city.


P.S. If you wanted to see some Vlogs that my roommate Jen made about our stay in London this is the link